New Ranges in 2022


New Ranges in 2022

15 Dec 2021

We now have a number of new and exciting marble effect porcelains ready to be added to our collection at Ionic Stone UK. For years, we have imported our marble effect porcelains from China, but with the huge restraints that have been put on many companies like ours globally in regards to transport logistics and costs we have had to divert our attention to more economic and realistic avenues. But through these hardships, we feel that this has opened an exciting and extraordinary door for us and our customers! This has led us to now work alongside one of the largest manufacturers of porcelain tiles in Turkey, with some of the finest representations of the most premium marble looks and a vast range of designs keeping with the popular marble effect trends in the current market. We are very excited about what’s to come and can't wait to introduce some of these products to our ever-growing portfolio. Through extensive research in the current trends we will now also be able to offer large format marble effect options such as 600x1200 and 800x800 as well as increasingly popular shapes such as hexagons, mosaics and metro tiles later on in the year. Of course our natural stone ranges will still be readily available, and we will be working hard as ever to develop these to bring many more exciting products in the future.

The new Nero Venato polished porcelain tiles, bringing that sheik look to any wall and floor, sizes available in 300x600, 600x600 & 600x1200mm sizes.

Nero Venato 
We have always found black marble to be a popular choice within the tile industry. Undeniably, it gives a touch of elegance and exclusivity to any space it is used in, and the white veins speak volumes for themselves. Our new Nero Venato porcelain creates exactly the same effect. Black tiles can sometimes be looked over as people falsely jump to the conclusion that they can make an area dark, but the polished finish on these tiles reflects light perfectly to give an additional depth and can be a great base for any additional brighter colours you want to add to the space.

The new Onyx Nuvolato, beautiful, elegant and uncompromising look available in honed & polished in a 600x600mm size.

Onyx Nuvolato
2021 saw an increased popularity in Onyx stone tiles, as being a member of the marble family, it holds much of the same beauty. It also features some of the most beautiful and distinctive cloud like patterns and veining, making it a sought after product for rooms with strong lighting, as the reflection can create a calm and soothing ambience. Our Onyx Nuvolato porcelain holds an incredible similarity to the real stone without the high price tag. The high quality print of this product makes it difficult to distinguish it from the real stone, and you can definitely feel the same warmth from the cloud like design in the tile. The perfect tile to create a subtle additional unique edge without adding colour within a simplistic space

The new Carara Gioia, classic marble look available in honed & polished sizes 300x600, 600x600, 600x1200 & 800x800mm.

Carrara Gioia 
I'm sure you are all aware that Carrara is the most desirable marble in the market and has been for many years. This is probably because white as a colour seems to stay on trend through time and the elegance is creates with the strong grey veins is second to none. Our Carrara Gioia porcelain creates that same luxurious effect and is available in both a honed and polished finish. White tiles are a great canvas of purity making it easy to decorate with additional colour and style, but the grey veins within the Carrara Gioia add that beautiful marble enrichment and charm.