We are constantly and voluntarily assessed by companies such as Bureau Veritas or Intertek for our workplace conditions we provide for our employees, our management practices and our environmental policies. To this end, our social accountability policies are set to achieve the best possible working conditions.

Prevention of Child Labour

We, as IONIC STONE, do not employ or accept child labour, and works actively against it. The complexity of the child labour issue requires a consistent and long-term effort to create sustainable and broad-based solutions in order to reach our goal; not only do we not employ any child labour, but also no products delivered to us should be produced by child labour. Therefore, Child Labour Policy has been established in order to make IONIC STONE position clear to suppliers and their co-workers, as well as any other parties. The requirements in the policy’s code of conduct are mandatory to all suppliers and their sub-contractors. IONIC STONE does not accept child labour. IONIC STONE supports the United Nations (U.N.) Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989). IONIC STONE child labour policy is based on this Convention. IONIC STONE supports the legal employment of young workers.

Prevention Harassment and Misconduct

To respect to personality and honour of all employees and not to allow physical, sexual, psychological, verbal harassment and misconduct

Ensuring Occupational Health and Safety

To take all essential precautions and adopt a working system prioritizing it in order to establish a safe and healthy workplace environment for the prevention injuries and accidents, which will  be able to occur, arising from the work, related-work or during the work.

Prevention of Discrimination

Throughout the duration of employment among employees; not to discriminate against race, religion, colour, age, political preference, gender and take place the promotion, wages and other rights according to the ability do business

Prevention of Forced Labour

Not to employ prisoner, debt allowance or unwilling employee.

Determination of Working Hours

Not to exceed 45 hours the normal working time of the personnel, ensure that personnel will continuously rest 24 hours within every seven days, do overtime with consent of the employee, not to demand normal and overtime for longer than Turkish labour law regulations.

Determination of Wages

Ensure the wage which will be adequate to meet the main requirements of the employee during a normal work week and pay at least the legal minimum wage or available wage and provide the rights except the wage which is stated in laws and contract for service.

Prevention of Environmental Pollution

Get under control and minimize negative environmental impact, meet the liabilities, that is stated with national and international regulations, in order to prevent the environmental pollution.

Management Class

It stipulates to perform the occupational safe and health and the operations of environmental management in accordance with workplace conduct codes of customers and laws and legislations in force, continuously develop, provide continuance.


Generally speaking, marble processing plants are exempted from continual checks by environmental agencies as the waste produced do not pollute the environment. As Ionic Stone, we adhere to the following our environmental principles:

  1. We abide by and endeavour to exceed the expectation of national and international laws and regulations, and produce goods within the framework of a management system that improves our care for the environment.
  2. We adopt production lines that prompt energy efficiency and economical use of natural resources.
  3. We strive to reduce waste even if it is natural.
  4. We manage our business with a system that integrates best practices for all aspects of our business, from top to bottom.

Operationally, our targets are:

  1. To reduce waste (off-cuts etc),
  2. To reduce usage of marble reinforcing chemical (epoxy resin),
  3. To implement recycling throughout the factory and the offices.