Exterior Porcelain Tiles

01 Mar 2024

When looking to create a garden or exterior patio, porcelain pavers are a fantastic choice. With their hard wearing and low maintenance characteristics and being available in a variety of different prints and colours, porcelain tiles are a great choice when looking to create that perfect alfresco living space. Whether you’re looking to create a zen environment to sit and unwind on a bright summers evening, or you’re looking to create a vibrant space where you can host friends and family, we have the perfect exterior tiles to make those dreams come true.

Our gardens are very important to us, and with the summer months rapidly approaching it is time to look at the options available to make your patio BBQ ready! Being 20mm thick, our exterior porcelain tiles are roughly double the thickness of most of our standard interior porcelain tiles, giving them the additional durability they need to last a long time. As well as this it is important to remember that they aren’t just for summer! To withstand the cold winter months, exterior porcelains need to be frost resistant to ensure no cracks appear throughout the year as well as UV resistant to prevent and colour fading over time, with these characteristics you can relax on a sun lounger in peace knowing your patio is safe in all weather conditions! The surface of your exterior porcelain tiles is also incredibly important, exterior porcelains generally have anti slip properties to make them safe to walk across even when wet so you can rest assured that they are offering the ideal solution for any exterior living space.

Outdoor porcelains are the ideal choice if you want an easy to maintain product, the density of outdoor porcelain tiles make them much more resistant to liquid staining and damage. Spills can easily be cleaned with a cloth and not being a porous material, the porcelains shouldn’t allow any water to be absorbed into the tiles themselves. But it is also important to remember that they are not indestructible! If they are continuously exposed to harmful liquids and any spills are not cleaned up quickly and properly then there is the potential for mould to build up over time, so a little care is important to make your patio last a lifetime.

New for 2024, we have a fresh range of porcelain pavers perfect for any exterior project you may have. This range of products have been carefully selected to fit in with the latest trends in the exterior market. From our research we have found that large formats are the more preferred option for exteriors so all of these exterior porcelain tiles are available in the size of 600x900x20mm to help create the perfect seamless patio.   Available in a vast selection of popular colours, we believe we have something available to fit every design scheme.

One of these new and exciting products is the Brazilian Grey, this porcelain gives a modern slate replica appearance. Ideal for those wanting to create a neutral and seamless aesthetic in their garden projects. Perfectly matched with modern furniture and elements to create a bold exterior design for your next garden party!


Looking for something a bit darker? Why not inject some timeless style into your patio with our Blue Stone exterior porcelain. This tile is an incredible replica of natural stone, add green elements such as potted plants to create a bold contrast. A fantastic choice for creating that dream patio for alfresco dining and entertaining your friends on those warm summer evenings.


To create the perfect zen-like atmosphere, lighter tones are always an ideal choice. The Quartz White tile is an absolute go to when looking to create a peaceful space to relax in with a book on a warm summer night. Pair this with wooden furnishings and potted green plants to fit in with a modern design scheme.


But it doesn’t stop there! Here at Ionic Stone, we believe that we have the perfect exterior tile selection to suit the needs of any project. Why not drop us an email at and we can talk you through the vast range or products we have available. Is natural stone your preference? We also have a number of exterior natural stone tiles available from around the globe, so please get in touch as we would be more than happy to help you find the perfect stone for your exterior project.