Lightweight Stone Tiles

02 Jun 2024

Lightweight Stone Tiles

Thin & Large Tile Collection consists of lightweight, reinforced, natural stone tiles, the thickness of which are 6mm. Once installed, the stone presents the same surface aesthetic as traditional 1.2cm, 2cm or 3cm natural stone while preserving 50%-75% of this treasurable natural resource. They are more durable, too!


  • 6mm tiles are only around 16kg/m2, compared with 2cm thick tiles that weigh 55 kg/m2.
  • Thin & Large Tile Collection allows for easy transport and installation.
  • More sustainable by
    • Reducing water & energy consumption
    • Reducing the amount of raw material during production
    • Less packaging for materials
    • Reducing cost of haulage


Thin & Large Tile Collection presents 100% natural surfacing and are made with immaculate craftsmanship, only using the highest quality marble, onyx and dolomite selections

  • THICKNESS: 6mm
  • WEIGHT: 16kg/m2
  • MAX SIZE: 610x1220mm
  • STABILITY: High Intensity, Strong, Durable, Flexible
  • TRANSPORTATION: Lightweight (saves $ freight) Not easily broken
  • INSTALLATION: Less grout, low labour costs, fast installation
  • ECOFRIENDLY: More stone used from a single block preserving our resources, recycled water used to cut slabs, more ships at a time, less adhesives needed.


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