Located on Turkish part of the Alp-Himalaya mountain series, the LILIA® quarry produces most warm-coloured cream limestone, which makes it extremely attractive choice for projects. Although geologically speaking it is classified as a limestone, the stone produced in the area is commercially known as marble due to the relative durability and hardness. The quarry is situated within the boundaries of a village called Yarisli, just outside the town of Yesilova, Burdur. Due to its unique and sought-after background colour, Lilia is also knnown as Yarisli Beige, Yesilova Beige or Light Burdur Beige. The village is approximately 1,100 m high above the sea level, but the quarry's altitude is over 1,550 m. At this altitude, the weather conditions around the quarry may become extremely harsh during winter months, which may result in temporary closure of the quarry and stoppage of works. Due to bad weather, extraction of blocks cannot continue for a time averaging 1 month per year. Extraction capacity, 1500 tons/month. 

Technical properties


Awaiting governmental permits, we plan to develop three new licenses in Denizli-Aydin area. These licenses contain very rich deposits of crystallised white marble, very similar to popular Mugla White.