New Website


New Website

28 Sep 2021

New Website

We have been working on our website for sometime now. The previous design had limitations in terms of displaying photos, text and information we can input. 

After months of intense work by our in house development team, we present Ionic Stone new website where we believe you will find information easier than before. In this website you can filter by product categories, sizes and other information and within a few clicks, you can find the product that you are looking for.

At the same time, since our company has clients in the UK and the rest of the world, the product range differs for different regions. Rather than clicking on the website you'd like to navigate to, the new website will make that choice based on your location.

We are constantly introducing new ranges in 2021 despite all the challenges in the supplier and transport networks all around the world. The new website will display all these new ranges with professionally created photos so that your clients can have an idea how our stunning ranges will look inside and outside.

As a company we constantly invest in new technology and our new task will be the integration of the new website to our software systems. Since all our systems are being developed in house, we have fully control of what we can do in terms of capabilities. The integration will take sometime but eventually we would like to automate all of our processes as much as possible.