Keeping it neutral

08 Mar 2022

Neutral colour tones are easy to coordinate with other décor and will easily withstand the ever changing trends in the tile industry. 

Because of this travertine has been a popular choice for many years. Recently, I have seen clients wanting their homes to have the same feel as you would if you were in a countryside cottage. Naturally when you enter a home like this the rustic and simple design scheme makes you feel warm and relaxed so why wouldn’t anybody want this is their everyday modern home. I have recently seen clients use products such as our Lydia Classico Tumbled or Brushed and Chiselled edge to create that exact look. This product mixed with strong coloured kitchen fittings (such as a deep blue) adds a modern edge to the stereotypical country home design. Alternatively, if you want to keep the space as traditional as possible, mix this product with wooden cabinets and a soft pastel colour to lighten the space.


But if you’re looking for a product with strong durability for busy areas, then limestone is definitely the stone for you! As long as it is sealed and maintained correctly it is very hard to damage and can last for many years. Our Montpellier Gris Tumbled limestone is 20mm thick, giving it that additional strength. This limestone has very subtle variation and light coloured patches giving it a beautiful natural and seamless look. Neutral colour schemes in flooring always make open spaces feel larger and with a good source of natural light the true beauty of the stone will definitely shine through, this tile used in an open plan downstairs space is a perfect choice.

One of our most popular limestones at the moment is the Antalya Cream which is available in both a honed and tumbled finish. This limestone is a soft plain white tone giving any setting it is put in a warm ambience. Due to its light colour tone this tile can either hold the perfect base for pops of colour in accessories and furniture, or it will blend nicely with a complete neutral colour scheme. If you are looking for a more rustic look then the tumbled version will be the ideal choice. But if you would prefer to create a more modern design in a contemporary setting then the honed version will no doubt complete the look!