Thin & Large

13 Jul 2023

Thin & Large

Ionic Stone introduced a novel manufacturing technology that allows us to make thin and large format 12mm-thick marble tiles up to 122x122 cm. With this technology, Ionic Stone can process a variety of marble types that were previously thought unprocessable into 12mm thick tiles.


Thin: 12mm, we use a reduced amount of material, consequently contributing significantly to environmental preservation, while simultaneously achieving greater cost-effectiveness. The exceptional thinness and lightness of marble tiles render them effortlessly manageable and easily laid.


Large: The thickness is reduced while the format is enlarged. A vast array of formats, reaching up to 122x122cm, enables the creation of visually captivating installations that enhance the material's inherent value, aligning seamlessly with the most current architectural trends.


Our Thin & Large tiles are exported to many countries around the world, from the United States to the United Kingdom, from Romania to Poland, from Australia to Venezuela.