Packaging Standards


We are at every single point up and down the distribution channel. We extract blocks from quarries. We process raw stone into various formats such as slabs and tiles. We deal with distributors, project management companies or contractors around the world. In addition, we own a distribution company covering the entire British Isles and the Western part of mainland Europe. These facts give us a unique advantage in understanding the needs and wants of different types of customers. But they all want one thing for sure: receiving products intact and free of chipping that can occur during transport. Therefore, we take the packaging issues seriously. This is why we pride ourselves on providing most secure packaging one can deliver:

  1. Our wooden crates are thicker than industry standards, presenting utmost strength of the outer packaging. 
  2. No cut-to-size slab or tile touch any wooden parts, and they are protected with high-grade foam covers the entire inner part of the wooden crate. 
  3. All tiles are capped with cartoon boxes at the top and the bottom part so that they are boxed in a way that shows the selection of the tile as well as protecting the edges thoroughly.

Last but not least, we can customise all these packaging attributes to suit our customers' merchandising. 

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