Ionic Stone supports new technological innovations and R&D within the production. The quality of Ionic Stone results from advanced technology and inventive engineering, most of which are created in-house at the factory by an R&D workshop, which is charged with the task of new inventions and enhancements on the machinery used in the production. The reputation of the workshop, called Ionic Machines, has crossed the boundaries of the factory and today Ionic Machines is a supplier of industry-specific production lines to many stone processing companies in Turkey. To increase the level of quality and reduce the associating costs, the production is arranged with efficient systems, some of which are internationally patented by Ionic Stone: 

ION-SYSTEM® (Marble epoxy ovens) The most advanced marble ovens in the market today processes one marble slab at every 2-2½ min intervals. However, ION SYSTEM® allows processing of one slab/minute without reducing the drying and polymerisation times of slabs, thereby substantially reducing the cost of production and increasing output and productivity.

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