Portfolio of Recent Projects

In addition to working with the largest tile chains and builders depots in the US and the UK, the factory provides materials to the most prestigious projects around the globe. Some of the projects are:

Grand Hyatt Doha, Qatar

The hotel was a part of Msheireb Downtown Doha project. Our own Lilia Standard was specified for the project instead of Crema Marfil from Spain, as Lilia has superior characteristics compared with the Spanish stone. The project total was 17,000 m2 and it was completed in 5 months. 

Marina One, Singapore

It was a very prestigious project undertaken by both the Singaporean and the Malay Governments. Three different stones were used, one from Greece, one from Italy and one from Turkey, our own quarry's material, Lilia, of the LG selection. The total quantity was in excess of 12,000 m2 and we produced and shipped the entire order in 3 months. All tiles were dry-laid at our factory. 

Louis Vuitton Tel Aviv, Israel 

Tiles of premium selection of our Lilia were used on the floor of this exclusive designer store. Although the quantity was limited, the selection of the tiles were utmost high quality to complement the contemporary look of the store. 

Hilton Baku, Azerbaijan

Two different types of marble, Lilia LG and Emperador Dark were used, the latter was to complement the main colour, which was light beige of Lilia. Also, certain designs of inserts cut with waterjet were incorporated into the design. 

Financial District Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The quantity ordered was in excess of 12,000 m2. However, the order was made up of 1,700 different sizes, which made it very hard to cut at a factory environment. Two stones, Ivory and Noce veincut travertines with cement filling were used in the project. The tiles were laid in one of the twelve luxury apartments built in the construction site. 

National Dialogue Centre, Saudi Arabia

The building was inaugurated by the late king Abdullah. It was a very modern project that used Premium Ivory Veincut Travertine with transparent finish, which was difficult to acquire due to the scarcity of the material. It consisted of tiles with the size of 60x120x3 cm and its quantity was in excess of 18,000 m2. The production was completed in 5 months. 

Merzam Hotel, Qatar

Mriya Resort, Crimea

Metro Stations, Azerbaijan

Ganja Shopping Centre, Azerbaijan

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