Ionic Stone completes installation of oven systems


Ionic Stone completes installation of several oven systems in Turkey. After securing two contracts of supply & installation of slab epoxy oven systems, Ionic Stone has completed the production and the installation of these contracted oven systems, one in Isparta and the other in Amasya, Turkey. The former encompasses a fully automated oven system with one cyclic tower, and the latter is also fully automated with two cyclic storehouses. The company is now assembling a new machine for an order from a marble factory in Isparta that requires a marble loading robot that does not need any setting so that it can autonomously work without any human intervention. Internally, the R&D centre is working on a marble production system that enables automation without any disruption of the production process. It includes new designs of a monowire, an oven unit and a handling system, which bring several novelties in terms of their operations.

In addition to its marble processing factory, Ionic Stone has an R&D division, called Ion Machines, that produces certain marble processing machinery for other stone processing plants in Turkey. It holds several international patents for the devices it makes. Its machines are state-of-the-art and very unique machines in terms of automation capabilities and process design. Recently, the R&D division realised a machine that cuts hexagons and other shapes cost-effectively without having to cut them in water-jet machines.

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