Ionic Stone to renew its R&D status


Ionic Stone successfully passed the first year's inspection to renew the R&D status. Ionic Stone hosted academics and officials from the ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, who inspected the status of its R&D department and reviewed progress it had been making. It successfully passed the inspection and its R&D status has been renewed.

Ionic Stone was the first marble factory to receive an R&D certification from the Turkish Government. In April 2017, Ionic Stone was awarded with a R&D research centre certification by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, and it is the 31st company and the first marble processing factory in Turkey to receive such a certification. The ministry had enacted a legislation towards the end of 2016 in order to boost the R&D activities by private sectors. Through this legislation, private companies were incentivised for activities that would help increase productivity and effectiveness of production, develop new and unique products, and commercialise technological knowledge. 

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