Dry-Lay as standard


Selection of marble tiles usually is a headache. The normal practice has it that a selector (a worker at the end of the line) looks at the tiles, and groups and inserts them into different crates according to some criteria that are arranged depending on the colour and the variation present within the tiles. However, marble is a product of nature; it will change constantly and no one can implement any pre-planned selection criteria that can cover the entire future variations. Coupled with this, the subjectivity of the selector (who is a human, by the way) can be another issue that may need tackling.

For marble factories, these two facts present a big problem in terms of consistency of the batches produced. The only solution to this issue is to lay all the tiles on the floor in batches, check them against each other in terms of colour and variation, then regroup and pack them accordingly. This technique is called "dry-lay". With this method, best possible blend of marble tiles is ensured. However, this is a very costly procedure and is only employed for high-value projects. Most marble factories have neither the desire nor the facilities to accommodate such a practice. At Ionic Stone, all cut-to-size piece slabs and/or tiles are selected using the dry-lay technique. In other words, dry-lay as standard...

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