CorporateEnvironmental Policy

Our care for the environment

Generally speaking, marble processing plants are exempted from continual checks by environmental agencies as the waste produced do not pollute the environment. As Ionic Stone, we adhere to the following our environmental principles:

1) We abide by and endeavour to exceed the expectation of national and international laws and regulations, and produce goods within the framework of a management system that improves our care for the environment. 

2) We adopt production lines that prompt energy efficiency and economical use of natural resources. 

3) We strive to reduce waste even if it is natural. 

4) We manage our business with a system that integrates best practices for all aspects of our business, from top to bottom. 

Operationally, our targets are:

1) To reduce waste (off-cuts etc), 

2) To reduce usage of marble reinforcing chemical (epoxy resin), 

3) To implement recycling throughout the factory and the offices. 

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